Nicotine Booster – HEXOCELL 10ML 90VG/10PG 20MG




90% VG, 10% PG nicotine base 20mg/ml. 50% VG, 50% PG nicotine base 20mg/ml. Ideal for adding to vaporizing liquids, as it provides a good balance between hitting the throat, transmitting flavor and producing vapor.

HEXOcell is one of the most recognized nicotine based companies on the market. It offers absolute safety and satisfaction: all HEXOcell bases are manufactured in Switzerland, in one of the most prestigious chemical research laboratories in the country. HEXOcell nicotine bases are not flavored and do not contain water. All HEXOcell nicotine bases are prepared with 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine, diluted in a 99.8% pure pharmaceutical PG / VG mixture.

All HEXOcell nicotine bases are packaged in vials with safety caps that meet or exceed US, European and British pharmaceutical standards, as well as kosher, halal and vegetarian diet requirements. If you are looking for a quality and economical nicotine base, which really highlights the flavors and helps accelerate the maturation time of liquids, HEXOcell is the ideal choice!

Manufactured by HEXOcell, a leading European liquid company
• It has TPD certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
• Medicinal ingredients
• Safety cap for childproof protection
• Used to make DIY liquids
• Excellent price

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