Aphrodite – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


A unique and supremely delicious flavor: coconut milk and roses.

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Aphrodite has its origins in bandung, the famous traditional drink of Malaysia that has become a time-honored classic over the centuries – talk about enduring authenticity! Fragrant and refreshing, Aphrodite is based on roses and coconut milk – definitely one of the more original vapes out there, that’s for sure! Like we mentioned earlier, it’s a verified delicacy in international gastronomic circles, a cause célèbre in haute cuisine. In short, floral heaven. Maybe we should say “floral and dairy heaven”, but you know what we mean. The chemical engineering in this blend is highly praiseworthy, as well. The coconut milk and rose flavors do not overwhelm your palate in any way, instead, they come across as a fabulously unified taste. Looking for a completely different vaping experience? Aphrodite is definitely the way to go!


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