Forest Grapez – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


High-class grape juice with Riesling and Crimson Seedless grapes.

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A viticulture masterpiece to make you go oh là là, Forest Grapez is the love child of green and red grapes. First you have the king of green grapes, the Riesling. This delightful grape runs on the sweet side with floral undertones and high acidity. Then you have red Crimson Seedless grapes that are also on the sweeter side with a supremely pleasurable overall tartness. Of course, anyone can throw together random extracts but Forest Grapez is the result of molecular micromanagement and extreme attention to detail. Not to point out the obvious but it has to be that way, too; you have to take pride in your work. Too much or too little of something and you might as well throw it all out. At any rate, you will be happy to know Forest Grapez has everything in the right place, in the right amounts. So much so, in fact, there are rumors the French are getting jealous!

Mixing Percentage: 20% of final eliquid volume. For instance, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid, you would use 20ml of this concentrate. To make 50ml of eliquid, you would use 10ml, etc.

Steeping/Maturation Time: 3-4 days


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