Hazelnut Cookies – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


Freshly-baked cookies with roasted hazelnuts and buttery vanilla.

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And first place goes to…Hazelnut Cookies! First of all, this concentrate is made with the extract of roasted hazelnuts, not raw ones. There is a massive difference in taste, because the roasting process brings out the flavors that give hazelnuts that tantalizing smoky taste. Then you have Vanilla Bourbon straight from Madagascar. Vanilla beans from Madagascar are highly superior, with a rich and buttery/creamy feel. And finally, you have the cookie layer…a connoisseur-grade cookie that tastes like no cookie you’ve ever tasted! Regardless of whether you mix it as a standalone liquid or use it in a supporting role in other recipes, Hazelnut Cookies is one of those aromas you indulge in, not just vape. Extremely good taste, extremely good vapor performance – Hazelnut Cookies has all the hallmarks of a world-class flavor and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning vaper.

Mixing Percentage: 20% of final eliquid volume. For instance, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid, you would use 20ml of this concentrate. To make 50ml of eliquid, you would use 10ml, etc.

Steeping/Maturation Time: 7-8 days


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