Blueberry Custard Cream – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


Fresh custard cream topped with juicy blueberries.

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The only way to eat blueberries and custard all day long! Well okay, not “eat”, but you know what we’re saying. With the taste of perfectly ripe blueberries and rich, creamy custard, Blueberry Custard Cream means having dessert all day, every day! This marvellous aroma is packed full of flavor and is perfect for anyone looking for that sweet blueberry and custard combination. It’s excellent as a standalone liquid, but also works wonders mixed with other aromas, especially dessert concentrates. Indeed, the taste of Blueberry Custard Cream is 100% in every way, but let’s also talk about performance because that’s where Blueberry Custard Cream REALLY shines. You always get the same, consistent flavor regardless of coil material, wattage, and nicotine levels. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it and see for yourself – you have nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Mixing Percentage: 20% of final eliquid volume. For instance, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid, you would use 20ml of this concentrate. To make 50ml of eliquid, you would use 10ml, etc.

Steeping/Maturation Time: 3-4 days


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