Bubblegum – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


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Not to toot our own horn but Bubblegun is among the elite when it comes to fruity bubblegum aromas. Meticulously crafted with loving care, Bubblegun is pink bubblegum embellished to unparalleled perfection with just the right amount of fruit. A well-balanced and exceedingly flavorful aroma, Bubblegun delivers a brilliant burst of amazing taste that will re-animate your taste buds have them begging you for more. As good as it tastes, Bubblegun isn’t just a tasty trip, it’s a true performer that delivers top class vapor performance regardless of wattage, nicotine levels, or coil material. Vaping this flavor doesn’t make you feel like you got what you expected. No, it makes you feel like you have gotten much more than that because it goes above and beyond any expectations you could possibly have. After all, if God vaped, Bubblegun would be His choice!

Mixing Percentage: 20% of final eliquid volume. For instance, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid, you would use 20ml of this concentrate. To make 50ml of eliquid, you would use 10ml, etc.

Steeping/Maturation Time: 3-4 days


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