Mango Crepe – Philotimo Liquids 20ml


A perfect pastry blend of crepe, mangoes, light cream, and syrup.


Juicy, fragrant, sweet and sensual…there are few foods as desirable as a honey-ripe mango. Please note we said “ripe”, because of all the pleasures in the culinary world of flavors, few can equal that of catching a mango at its moment of perfect ripeness. So prized is the mango in some cultures, it even gets a mention in the national anthem like in Bangladesh: “The fragrance from your mango groves/Makes me wild with joy,/Ah, what a thrill.” So imagine a ripe mango, its golden flesh so soft and full of juice it is almost too slippery to hold. Then visualise a lovely, fluffy crepe oozing light cream and drizzled with the most delicious syrup you can think of…and you have Mango Crepe! If you’re looking for an authentic French mango crepe concentrate, you really can’t do much better than this aroma. Believe us when we say Mango Crepe is Joyous with a capital J, perfect to be enjoyed all day, every day!


Mixing Percentage: 20% of final eliquid volume. For instance, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid, you would use 20ml of this concentrate. To make 50ml of eliquid, you would use 10ml, etc.


Steeping/Maturation Time: 5-6 days


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