YouJuice Dark Soul 60ml/120ml


Natural Aroma, soluble in vegetable glycerin, diluted with propylene glycol in a ratio of VG/PG 50/50

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Western tobaccos, rich flavor of caramel syrup, and a soft aftertaste of cappuccino coffee.

You have been streaming for some hours now, subs are rarer than a chicken dinner, and you haven’t managed to get even in the final ten in the last 5 matches.

Suddenly, your favorite streamer throws you an alert: if you win your next match, you get a big one!

You grab your trusty mod and get a strong puff of DARK SOULS. The strong sensation of tobacco awakens your senses with a pleasant tickle in the throat, as the unique sweetness of the finest caramel syrup embraces your palate as if to tell you “everything will be fine“. As you exhale, the soft notes of well-roasted aromatic coffee lure you into the battle!

A little while later, the flavors and aromas of DARK SOULS swirl around you as in a victory dance, barely noticing your chat losing their minds over your feat!

To be able to vape this liquid it is necessary to mix it properly with a base. Here you will find our VG/PG Bases and Nicotine Boosters.


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