YouJuice RY Domination 60ml/120ml


Natural Aroma, soluble in vegetable glycerin, diluted with propylene glycol in a ratio of VG/PG 50/50

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Blonde tobacco, caramelized pecans and a smooth sense of salty caramel

Labels everywhere. And point systems. And reviews. And name-callings. Everyone is looking for something to separate us, to divide us, to put us in their convenient little boxes.

But you look at yourself. Not out of selfishness. But because you have a duty to yourself, to be your true self. The Real You.

RY DOMINATION. A strong aroma of blonde tobacco, ready to break any stereotypes, like the power you have inside you. And a passionate affair between a subversive saltiness and a seductive sweetness, as caramelized pecans alternate with savory caramel, a taste as softly sweet and as deliciously salty as every day you are yourself. Your true self.

To be able to vape this liquid it is necessary to mix it properly with a base. Here you will find our VG/PG Bases and Nicotine Boosters.


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