YouJuice Jack Pipe 60ml/120ml


Natural Aroma, soluble in vegetable glycerin, diluted with propylene glycol in a ratio of VG/PG 50/50

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A special variety of western pipe tobaccos, with a brackish and at the same time sweet aftertaste of black honey.

“The strong notes of a fragrant tobacco gently embrace the amber…”

Wow, wow, wow! OK, Boomer, you do not need to sound like the English teacher we all had in High School and made us wish there was a “Thank You Next” for teachers! This is how simple it is.

Your first puff tastes like sliced ​​bread with honey, like your grandma used to make you during your summer vacations in the countryside. But with that good honey, the dark one from the upper shelf, with that feeling of saltiness, the one she kept only for you.

And as soon as you exhale, you get lost in a rich cloud that fills your nostrils with that smell of tobacco the living room was flooded with when Dad had his peeps over to watch the match (before Mom started scolding them for turning her curtains yellow, of course). Fine old tobacco, measured and strong.

JACK PIPE. All your memories in a bottle. With clean curtains (and, most importantly, lungs).

To be able to vape this liquid it is necessary to mix it properly with a base. Here you will find our VG/PG Bases and Nicotine Boosters.


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