YouJuice Ponzi Scheme 60ml/120ml


Natural Aroma, soluble in vegetable glycerin, diluted with propylene glycol in a ratio of VG/PG 50/50

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Custard cream, nuts, coconut, vanilla bourbon, whiskey, and espresso coffee.

Every posse has some classic figures. Like the guy who flexes everything, from his dad’s car to his shoelaces.

But he made the mistake of flaring his new tools: a 150-watt mod, nickel-plated vaporizer with a customized container, and so on. But, not discouraged, you take a look at the liquid he holds.

“Bruh, do you vape what your mum’s vapes?”, you say while you pass him a bottle of PONZI SCHEME. “It is a pity such a whip not vaping the most extra there is.”

And what better than a unique storm of flavors: Just as the aromas of crunchy nuts dance rhythmically with the taste of uniquely soft cream, here comes the exotic coconut with notes of vanilla bourbon to steal the show. And before you finish exhaling, you are mentally transported to the mysterious lands of Ireland, as the whiskey and the coffee are arguing over who will conquer your palate!

Back in reality, the poser looks at you with bug eyes after this epic diss. They don’t call you CEO of vaping for nothing!

To be able to vape this liquid it is necessary to mix it properly with a base. Here you will find our VG/PG Bases and Nicotine Boosters.


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