YouJuice Salted Caramel Macchiato 60ml/120ml


Natural Aroma, soluble in vegetable glycerin, diluted with propylene glycol in a ratio of VG/PG 50/50

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You dream of your comfy deck chair on your favorite beach. At the table next to you, an iced freddo espresso the gorgeous barista made just for you is waiting.

Then you open your eyes and your whole existence cringes: you have already lost two blackboards worth of notes and next to your pen lies the cup of sink water your school canteen calls coffee.

Suddenly you smell something familiar. You turn around and see someone vaping. You find them during the break and ask them for a puff. You close your eyes and you are on your comfy deck chair on your favorite beach. At the table next to you…

SALTED CARAMEL MACCHIATO. Taste of uniquely authentic Italian espresso, married with soft notes of milk, which slowly gives way to a feeling of lightly salted caramel, accompanied by a fluffy but rich whipped cream sensation.

In other words, what if you could fit your favorite barista in a bottle.

To be able to vape this liquid it is necessary to mix it properly with a base. Here you will find our VG/PG Bases and Nicotine Boosters.


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